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Most Expensive Mobile Phone Motorola Aura

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Motorola Aura
Including India in all over world Motorola mobile phones manufacturing company recently, launched its Aura handset which is most expensive. Its cost is about 1,11,000 Rs. in Indian currency and in US currency it will be about $1999.99.

No phones are comparing Motorola Aura for its style and price. The phone is designed as switch blade in flap. It has some most popular key features - GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 network, GPRS + EDGE data cable, 480 pixel diameter screen, 2 megapixels camera, Bluetooth, and size 97 x 48 x 19mm / 141 grams.

In the phone some main key features are not available - Infra-red, Polyphonic ringtones and GPS. It has 4 hours talk time and 16 days standby battery life.

Aura is not designed as sophisticated phone but also it is simple mobile phone with 2 megapixles camera and 3G networks. We can say the phone has high price due to its design and style. About it some reviews said that Aura is a rotator phone.

Motorola Aura offers 2GB of internal memory quad band with GPRS, EDGE and AGPS. The launch date of the mobile phone was decided at December 4th, 2008. It is being said that the mobile phone in India has been launched specially for trade centers.

Motorola Aura is made by staleness steal. Patterns and textures on the phone body have been prepared by chemically. The phone designer name is Alexander Emansu. The mobile phone has a great watch on its body. Around the clock there are 99 diamonds on the Aura.

Motorola announce that the phone has about 1 crore and 6 lakh colours. It has 300 dpi resolutions. Aura has crystal talk technology also.

In the consumer electronics market it is high price mobile even in India along with world. In spite of it have not great features like touch-screen mobile phones or iPhone. Some new features like – TV functionality and high megapixles camera are also not available.

At last, we can say it is the mobile phone which offers a great look and smart design with diamond and watch. Its high price also attracts the users to see and review it. Take a video review of Motorola Aura by YouTube…


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