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In the Review of Big TV Reliance Group

Monday, March 16, 2009

Some months before Reliance group launched Big TV as a consumer electronic product. However, in the market there were already many TV products like – Sky TV and Dish TV. TV products in India are most successful products in consumer electronics. Reliance group lunched on it right time when there is a need of competition in market like all other products.

Reliance group launched many packages for Big TV. It is launched from zonal, products and services point of view. With this product many offers has been announced in the market for subscribers. Cable operator got money by the big companies to reduce channels. Most of the big channels have been bought by these TVs companies. In this situation consumers have no option. Now, most of the consumers move to these wirelesses TV.

Most of the online and off-line advertisement has been published by the TVs companies. Reliance presented a tag line for Big TV – TV Ho toh BIG ho.

Offer of Big TV:

There are more than 200 channels
A customer can creates his own channel pack
You have to pay only for those which you use
There are many prices points
There are regional packs with language preference
You can enhance your pack any time with add-on pack/s
By the Big TV you can access world’s largest movie library

Pack of BIG TV:

You can create your pack in 3 steps:

1st step is known as starter pack with 5 available options. It is mandatory pack.

There are 8 regional packs you can select any one in 2nd step. In this pack you can get one regional pack free with each starter pack.

In 3rd steps you can pick 12 top-up packs/channels.

Advantages of BIG TV:

In every month you can enjoy with 50 Hollywood, Boolywood and Regional movies.

You can watch best English movies on exclusive channels on Pay-Per-View basis.

There are 10 radio channels to enjoy with music 24x7.

On single screen you can watch up to 12 channels of each category.

You can play many games here like – Play Pool, Buzzword, Jinja Ninja and many more.

There are many packs with new offer and every pack has a number code. You can subscribe maximum pack for extra enjoyment.

Way of getting BIG TV package:

You can recharge your pack through IVR – call at toll-free number – 1800-200-9002 or with tolled number – 022-3033 7474 and enter 12-digit Smart card number as per the instruction. You can enter you PIN no. also to recharge the coupon.

You can recharge it through SMS also. 1st buy RCV then type SMS in this format – BTVTOP – space – SCN – space – PIN and send it to 55454.

To recharge through web you can log on to

After having completed the recharging process call BIG TV customer care on 1800-200-9001 (toll-free) or 022-3033 8888 (tolled) to select the subscription pack according to your choice.

RCV is available from Rs. 10/- to Rs. 2000/- at any Big TV retailers or dealers.

1st time in India it is the one of the biggest plan in consumer electronics especially in entertainment. Cable operator has nothing to give in the competition of these BIG companies. Now, in the competitive market which one will take place as BIG is undecided because there is still Dish TV and SKY TV. In spite of we can say that Reliance Group BIG TV has suitable position in the consumer electronics market.


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