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Fly DS500 Mobile - Fly DS500 Dual Sim Mobile in India with Touch-Screen Feature

Monday, July 6, 2009

Recently, I knew about a mobile through my friend. I want to explain about that mobile. This is Fly handset. It is Fly DS500. I see first time in India a dual Sim touchscreen handset. It was a fashionable and very smart handset. It is a flap mobile. My friend had bought it recently. I handle that handset. It was very easy because it was touchable. I go through many features with this mobile which are like these.

Main features of Fly DS500:

FM Radio

FM Recording


Battery Li-Ion 870 mAh

Weight 110g

Colour Display with 262K TFT

Screen Resolution 240x320 pixels

Card Slot with T-Flash

2MP Camera

Video Recording

Mp3 Ringtones

Speaker Phone



GPRS Class8


Talk Time up to 3 hours

Standby Time up to 220 hours

Dimension 100x50x15.5mm

Dual Sim

Phonebook capacity 1000

I handled it very smoothly. It is a slide phone. Fly DS500 is very slim, thin and cashing handset. I was very happy to see it first time in my hand but after some time I recognized that it is not a very strong phone. I can say it can be a fashionable mobile but not a durable mobile.

Its touchscreen features was great but not smooth. Whenever I pressed my finger on the screen, the application came out to take a breath. I like touch-screen mobiles but not those mobiles which are not fast. I like to have a simple mobile rather than touch-screen which have not some easy application.

DS500 had some security also which I liked. For example, when I tried to send a file via Bluetooth, there was a need of security number. The menu options are very bother in this phone.

I will refuse the Fly DS500 due to lack of some important features. It has not IrDA feature neither EDGE. I like to have data cable in any touch-screen or camera featured mobile but in the phone data cable is not available.

Overall, I person can by it in India because it has touch-screen and dual sim features but personally I will not buy Fly DS500 because it is not smoother than a simple mobile.

Fly DS500 Phone

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Fly DS500 Dual Sim

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Fly DS500


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